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Here are a few suggestions for the delivery of the speech.

  • Acting really nervously, constantly sip wine or champagne throughout the speech, then gradually seem to get drunk, eventually slurring the toasts and falling under the table.
  • Have the stripper who never appeared at the Stag Night suddenly show up.
  • Can Can dancers.
  • Have the speech on index cards, held together with paper clips. When you remove the clips, tiny bits of paper fall out, leaving you with completely blank cards. Mutter something about the words falling off, and continue as if nothing happened, 'reading' from the cards.
  • Pull a floppy disk from your pocket. Stare at it for a second, and then say you'll have to use the 'beta' version of the speech. Pull the notes from another pocket and start reading.
  • Variation I saw at a wedding recently: The father of the bride pulls out what appears to be a thick wad of papers from his pocket. He proceeds to unfold the paper, and he seems to be holding at least sixty sheets of A4 paper. But then he unfolds them again, and again, and again, until he's left with a single sheet of paper about the size of the top table, blank on both sides. Without a word, he re-folds it, pops it back in his pocket, and pulls out 5 index cards. He had to wait a while until we all stopped laughing, and he could start the speech.
  • If you know a foreign language (or especially if there are foreign guests) you may want to give your speech subtitles. Easily achieved - get someone to hold up large pieces of paper with the translation on them. This would be even funnier if nobody there spoke the language involved. Occasional 'mistakes' like holding the cards upside down, or making them not match what the speech says adds to the effect.
  • Book a celebrity look-alike to do the speech for you. If funds allow, book a real celebrity.
  • Have a ventriloquist's dummy give the speech, preferably while you drink a glass of water.


11/29/97 At a wedding where I was bestman I pulled another variation of the key prank. I did everything normal for both the bride and groom, but I added a twist, not only did I pass out keys to some women but I also gave the keys to some of the grooms close male friends, myself included,
to be given back to the groom at the appropriate time. This really had them rolling. Michael

At a cousin's wedding, she decided she wanted to describe what a typical day was like for her husband. So the groom had to stand behind a sheet, pulled up to his neck, on it was painted clothing and two wholes for arms. Then the best man stands behind the groom and puts his arms through the holes pretending they are the grooms. There was a table in front of the sheet with tons of everyday things on it like toothpaste, shaving cream, food, etc. As the bride describes what the groom does during the average day the best man makes a mess on the groom's face and head. Everyone at that wedding was practically crying it was so funny!


03/06/02 "Hello Cheryl,

I was reading your Wedding pranks some are very good indeed, very funny.

I like the simple ones, the ones that are easy to set up.

I have one for you.

Get a very small box and wrap it in Wedding gift wrapping paper.

Give the box and a card to the best man and tell him to read out the card during his speech.On the card you would have written,....

Congratulations to ------- and----------on your big day,please find enclosed a small present, we hope this will stop the little pitter- patter of feet at night! With that the best man hands the wrapped box to the groom to open.  He is embarrassed at this stage, thinking that there is a condom in the box. When he opens the box to his surprise there's a mouse trap

This is a good one for the best man to get a good laugh.

[ps] Don't forget to put the mouse-trap in the box beforehand.


07/02/2001 "At my uncle's wedding, several pranks were pulled, including the key prank... but the funniest part was toward the end, a very pregnant woman came up and gave my uncle a key and said, "You know, Junior sure will miss you now that you have her." 

Another prank at that wedding.... The best man made his "toast", actually reaching into his rented tux, in various locations, and taking pieces of toast and throwing them at the bride and groom.

Finally, a prank at my cousin's wedding reception was actually locking the bride and groom out of the building.
Yet another good prank for anyone... for wedding showers, get very cheap gifts, wrap them up with some combination like duct tape and news paper, and sign fake names (i.e. Aunt Irma and Uncle Jake).  Works especially well if it is a young couple that doesn't necessarily know their family history that well, and make sure to put a note of congratulations and apology for not being able to make it to the wedding.  We had my cousin and her husband wondering for about 3 months who those people were.


Tell me what you think about the site, or about a wedding prank...mail.gif (970 bytes)


Someone gets a bunch of keys and passes them out to a bunch of guys at the reception. While people are making toasts, someone stands up and says "Since (bride's name) is no longer available, would all those with keys to her apartment please turn them in at this time." At this time, about 15 guys stand up and place a key in a tray which has been set out on the reception table. Then the same request is made for keys to the groom's apartment and a single elderly lady gets up and places a key in the tray.


Hide a balloon inside the top layer of the cake - of course it will be covered with cream or even a small layer of cake etc (so it won't be seen). This is fun, espically when the bride and groom cut the cake with a knife.

After the grooms speech, get the guy who is taking the wedding video to say that he had ran out of video tape, and could he say the speech again.


Friend of Groom: "(Groom's Name), a toast to your new bride who has everything ... except for good taste in men!" Andrew


The best man bought a number of condoms and passed them around to the groom's closest friends before the wedding. Immediately after the ceremony, each person cupped it in his right hand right before he shook the groom's hand (while passing through the reception line) so that it would end up in the groom's hand during the handshake. No one else (even the bride, who was standing right next to the groom) could tell what was going on. (actually, I think the bride found out after a few times because the groom kept sticking his hand in his pocket and was also turning red).

This was pretty funny (at least to me - but then again I may be warped :-) ), and no one got mad, hurt, etc... (maybe a bit embarrassed). Anonymous


For a friend's wedding, we made a set of signs about 2' x 2'. The signs have random numbers ranging from -2 to 10. They also have sayings like "Too Dry", "Too Wet" etc.
We passed out the signs to at least one person per table.
When we bang the dishes for the bride and groom to kiss, we would rate them by holding up the signs like we were at the Olympics.


At my wedding, my husband and I were sitting at the head table when all of the groomsmen, brothers and ushers came up to shake my hand. As they did, each of them handed me a condom. My youngest brother went last and had his in his hand out of the package. It was embarassing at the time, but the condoms came in handy on the honeymoon.


06/03/2001 "This is a prank I used a few times over the years: At the reception, when it is time to have the groom remove the garder from the new bride, suggest to the groom that it would be more fun and mysterious to have him "blind folded". If he agrees, wrap a napkin around his head and tell him that he is to stand in front of the bride and "feel" up her gown for the garter on the count of "10". As the audience counts down to 10, immediately remove the bride from her position and replace her with her mother or grandmother. By the time the audience reaches 10, the groom is ready to remove the garter. As soon as he puts his hand on what he thinks is his bride's leg, pull off the blindfold and watch the reaction as the groom realizes he's just copped a feel off his mother in law!!"

Tim Kostuik
Saskatoon, Sask

I've got a good prank for my sis's wedding. At the dance, I'm going to give a bunch of young ladies keys ahead of time. I'm going to sit out a bucket in the middle of the dance floor and give this big speal that since my sister's husband is now married, all the ladies are going to have to give up their keys to his apartment. Then the ladies will come and put them in the bucket. After that, I'm going to give the same speech for my sis. Except this time, I'm going to ask that all the men who have keys to my sister's home please return them and one old man will walk out and put his in. She'll die of embarrassment....can't wait!!! KATYDID


02/07/99 When we were opening our wedding gifts at the receptions there was a dishwasher size box that we were told to open first. As we were opening it up several of our husband's nieces and nephews jumped out and yelled, "Mommy! Daddy!". Then from the laughter in the back of the crowd my mother was yelling, "Damn, that was quick! You're married one day and now you have five kids!" My husband and I could barely control our laughter. Suzanne


 Well my cousin is to be married in September.  She is in for it.  I am one of the groomsmen and have a great prank.  I don't know if you are familiar with Andy Kofman but here is what I plan to do.  A friend will be posing as a Policeman and come and arrest me for what ever reason.  Then I will change into my costume of Tony Clifton.  As Tony Clifton I do a great impression of I will embarass the entire wedding party guests and make a total fool of myself.  Then once I am forced out I will return as myself. Daniel


Pranks for the Memories.


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